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The Ghostrider By David Mann
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                                                                    Founder / National President John D. (Rooster) Shearhart.

                                                                                    National Vice President: Gary (Strider) Luper.​


ALABAMA   STATE  REPRESENTATIVE  ...   Ralph C. Way  /  His Email will be posted soon.
PELL CITY  AEA  ...  Bobby Newton   (Contact person   FACE  BOOK
ROBERTSDALE  AREA  ...  Ralph C. Way   (Contact person   FACE  BOOK
SHEFFIELD  AREA  ...  Robert Bryson  (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK

ARKANSAS   STATE  REPRESENTATIVE  ...   Clinton Long  /  LongClinton79@yahoo.com
LITTLE ROCK  AREA  ...  Austin Husky  (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK
LONE OAK  ...  Slapy     (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK
NORTH WEST  ARKANSAS  AREA  ...  Anthony Griggs  (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK

FLORIDA   STATE  REPRESENTATIVE  ...   Ralph C. Way  /  His Email will be posted soon.
PENSACOLA  AREA  ...  Ralph C. Way   (Contact person   FACE  BOOK
OCALA AREA  ...  Steven Felmeten   (Contact person   FACE  BOOK

ILLINOIS     STATE  REPRESENTATIVE  ...  Greg Stetzer  /  GregStetzer@hotmail.com
MCLEANSBORO AREA  ...  Roger Scroggins   (Contact person   FACE  BOOK
ODEN AREA  ...  Felix Martin   (Contact person   FACE  BOOK
PEORIA AREA (NORTH)  ...  Andy Ellis   (Contact person   FACE  BOOK

MASSACHUSETTS   STATE  REPRESENTATIVE  ...   Norman Gaudette  /  His Email will be posted soon.
MILLBURY AREA  ...  Norman Gaudette  (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK

MINNESOTA     STATE  REPRESENTATIVE  ...  Greg Stetzer  /  GregStetzer@hotmail.com
NEW TIRER AREA  ...  Marvin Witte  (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK
ALBERT LEE AREA  ...  Michael Hayes  (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK

MISSISSIPPI   STATE  REPRESENTATIVE  ...   Clinton Long  /  LongClinton79@yahoo.com
LAUREL AREA ...  Daniel Vermilyea  (Contact person)      FACE BOOK

MISSOURI   STATE  REPRESENTATIVE  ...   Clinton Long  /  LongClinton79@yahoo.com
KANSAS CITY ARAE  .........  Tim Woodruff  (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK
PARK HILLS  AREA  ...  Stray Cat (Contact person)   FACE BOOK
PINEVILLE  AREA  ...  James Brewer  (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK
SAINT LOUIS  AREA  ...  Brian  "Scooter"  Shelton Sr.  (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK

NORTH CAROLINA   STATE  REPRESENTATIVE  ...   Ralph C. Way  /   ralphway58@yahoo.com
Contact person ... STATE  REPRESENTATIVE  ...   Ralph C. Way   /    RALPH'S FACE  BOOK PAGE

OHIO  ACTING STATE  REPRESENTATIVE  ...   Rooster  /  jd_rooster@hotmail.com

OKLAHOMA   STATE  REPRESENTATIVE  ...  Mirl (Springer) Johnson  /  Mirl.Johnson@suddenlink.net
BROKEN ARROW AREA  ...  Mark Alderman  (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK
ENID  AREA  ...  Milford (Springer) Mirl Johnson  (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK
MIAMI  AREA  ...  Terry (Digger) Rogers  (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK
MUSKOGEE  AREA  ...  Troy Underwood   (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK
OKLAHOMA CITY  ...  Brian Woods    (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK
OWASSO  AREA  ...  Robert (Bob) Vonfeldt  (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK
WESTVILLE  AREA  ...  Strider (Association Vice President & Contact person)   FACE  BOOK

WEST VIRGINIA  STATE  REPRESENTATIVE  ...   Joel Russell  /  His Email will be posted soon.
WEST COLUMBIA AREA   ...  Dick Carson (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK

WISCONSIN     STATE  REPRESENTATIVE  ...  Greg Stetzer  /  GregStetzer@hotmail.com
BIRNAMWOOD AREA ... Michael Pehike (Contact person)  FACE BOOK
LACROSSE  AREA  ...  Greg Stetzer   (Contact person   FACE  BOOK
MADISON AREA  ...  Lee  Steinborn (Contact person)   FACE  BOOK
STRATFORD AREA ... Donald Skipper (Contact person)  FACE BOOK

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Bringing the past and the present  ...  Together!
By David Mann
Jan 1, 2012  John (Rooster) Shearhart   Jan 1, 2012  Debra (Hoop) Hooper  Jan 28, 2012  Gary (Strider) Luper  Jan 28, 2012  Cindy Luper 
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