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Our Bylaws
18Wheels Motorcycle Association is designed exclusively for all CDL truck drivers; Commercial class and class A & B, whether they are a man or a woman, active or retired. We are an Association that gathers for the satisfaction of riding motorcycles, promoting brotherhood among its members and spending time with like-minded folks. We are open to ANYONE with a passion for motorcycles and who has, or has had, a CDL driver’s license. We welcome all styles of motorcycles and are always on the lookout for possible new members. 18Wheels is a Motorcycle Association that can NEVER become an MC "Motorcycle Club". We are non-territorial and will hereafter be called and referred to as “18Wheels Motorcycle Association”. The 18Wheels Motorcycle Association ties a blue and white rag to the LEFT side of their bike for other DRIVERS to recognize them. Rather than trying to get a quick look at a passing bikers cut. Start looking for the rag before you pass. 
Our By-laws are simple and are to be followed.

A. There are four classifications of members in 18WheelsMA: A DRIVER MEMBER, a NON-DRIVER MEMBER,

1 -The first classification is a DRIVER MEMBER. A DRIVER MEMBER is an individual that either holds a CDL driver’s license or has held a CDL driver’s license but is now retired.

2 -The second classification is a NON-DRIVER MEMBER. A NON-DRIVER MEMBER does not and has not ever held a CDL driver’s license and MUST be sponsored by a DRIVER MEMBER (their spouse). (If only in a relationship. The relationship should be more than 6 months old in order for the Girl/Boyfriend to be considered for sponsorship for wearing the 18Wheels Crest).

3 -The third classification is a DIESEL MECHANIC. We have chosen to accept Diesel Mechanic's into 18Wheels because of their love, passion and dedication to the trucking industry. They are not required to hold or to have had a CDL driver's licenses

4 -The forth classification is an ASSOCIATE MEMBER. An ASSOCIATE MEMBER is a Family member that does not, nor ever has held a CDL driver's licenses. They will be recognized as full members but may not hold an officer position or start a chapter.

B. Both a DRIVER MEMBER AND A NON-DRIVER MEMBER display our family crest and all other patches on their jacket or cut with one exception: only the CDL driver, active or retired, will wear a specific pin or patch that only a driver will receive or is allowed to wear. In the case that the two members are no longer married or in a relationship, the NON-DRIVER MEMBER MUST AND WILL surrender the family crest patch to 18Wheels Motorcycle Association. In the event that the DRIVER MEMBER by whatever means, passes away, the NON-DRIVER MEMBER will be welcome to remain a member, but will be referred to as an HONORARY MEMBER. (The Honorary Member does not pay any dues but only receives an Annual member shirt if they attend a non-specified number of events during the year

1. - A DIESEL MECHANIC, with no CDL, may join 18Wheels with full membership as a DRIVER MEMBER but will wear a patch or pin that is designed specifically for a Diesel Mechanic and not the same as a DRIVER MEMBER with a CDL.

2. The ASSOCIATE MEMBER displays our 18Wheels family crest, but with a patch that reads Associate Member sewn to the bottom of the 18Wheels patch (both patches MUST be touching each other). Also, rather than the Steel Horse Cowboys/Cowgirls displayed on their cut, they will wear the 4" x 4" 18Wheels support patch. This member MAY NOT display the Steel Horse Cowboy/Cowgirl patch on a jacket or a cut.

C. OFFICERS: The types of officers within 18Wheels.

1. Association PresidentAssociation Vice PresidentLiaisonRegional RepresentativeState RepresentativeContact person or Chapter PresidentChapter Vice PresidentSargent at armsRoad CaptainRoad Guard, and Tail gunner. As an officer within 18Wheels, you may choose to display your rank on your cut or jacket. Be sure that your rank is clear. (Example) If you’re a Chapter President, it should clearly read, CHAPTER PRESIDENT.

2. There may also be a CHAPLIN.

3. The ASSOCIATION LIAISON: The Association Liaison is appointed by the Association President and Vice President. This officer speaks and listens with the same authority of either the Association President or Vice President. NOTE: This officer is the eyes and ears of HQ. Decisions and/or recommendations by this officer are rarely overridden by the Association President or Vice President (though they can be).

D. The duties of the REGIONAL REPRESENTATIVE are to stay in contact with their State Representative and their Chapter Presidents in regards to activity within the chapter (or lack of it). The Regional Representatives ARE NOT to interfere with the functions of a chapter, but to help them if they ask for help or to point out any violations of our bylaws. any action or reaction by the Regional Representative in regards to any violations of our bylaws will be backed by the National President, Vice President and Association Liaison.

E. The duties of the STATE REPRESENTATIVE are to keep in touch with and encourage Chapter Presidents and to answer any questions that arise. The State Representative is appointed by the Regional Representative. 

F. The duties of the CHAPTER PRESIDENTS or CONTACT are to arrange or help organize rides along with their chapter members throughout the year. Chapter Presidents are appointed by the Regional Representative and requires the Association President and Vice President to close a chapter or remove a chapter President. (OR) two-thirds majority vote by that chapter’s members.

1. TREASURER: This position is responsible for maintaining a written record of all funds, including contributions, donations, dues, support merchandise sales, as well as bills and debts.

2. SECRETARY: This position is responsible for maintaining a written record of all national meeting minutes and the records and files of all members

3. SERGEANT AT ARMS: This position is responsible for the Club security and intervening in a dispute between members and/or officers of a chapter. Any member who strikes a Sergeant at arms while he or she is performing their duties, are automatically banned, including from ever becoming a member of 18Wheels again.

G.  NATIONAL SERGENT AT ARMS: There will be at least 4 National Sargent at Arms for the 18 Wheels Association. Each of these Sargent at Arms (SAA) will be available for their regional chapters' use. In other words, if your region is Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia, you will respond to the request for a SAA for a chapter's need. A request for a SAA should be made no less than one week before the event. More than one SAA may attend an event with that region's SAA to be the foreman. The chapter president or contact person for that chapter must make the request to their Regional Representative or State Representative and that Rep will contact the SAA for you. 

4. ROAD CAPTAIN: This position is responsible for Club movements, i.e., route planning, logistics, lodging, etc

5. ROAD GUARDS: The Road Captain has the responsibility to designate any number of patch holders (in relation to Club size and needs) to act as Road Guards. Their primary responsibility is to maintain Club formation during road trips and on runs, and to protect the Club members from traffic issues.

6. TAILGUNNER: The Tail gunner has the responsibility to manage the movements of the Club on local and long distance runs from the back of the pack”. The Tail gunner protects the pack of motorcycles by anticipating the decisions of the Road Captain and preventing traffic from deliberately or inadvertently interfering with pack” movement. The Tail gunner may also be one of the Road Guards.

7 - Following THE CHAIN OF COMMAND: Members, please speak to your Contact or Chapter President if you have any questions or concerns. If you don’t feel that your questions or concerns were adequately addressed, you may contact your Regional Representative (but only after several attempts to speak to your Chapter President have been made). 

8 - Any decision by a Chapter President may be appealed by a chapter member or members and overturned by the chapter members. A two-thirds majority vote is needed to overturn a Chapter President’s decision.

9 - If an individual is interested in starting a chapter, a request to start a chapter may be sent to the 18Wheels HQ at..... http://www.18wheelsma.com/Chapters.html

10 - If a member moves to another location that has an 18Wheels chapter, that member automatically becomes a member of that local chapter. 

11 - Becoming a MEMBER means that you agree to abide by all rules laid out for each MEMBER of 18Wheels. You will show respect to other MEMBERS of this Association as well as MEMBERS of other Associations, Organizations and Clubs. You will conduct yourself in a manner not to bring disgrace or harm to our Association or it’s MEMBERS or any other Club, Association or their MEMBERS. NOTE: A members patches are not to be pulled by any member or officer of 18Wheels. WE DO NOT PRACTICE PULLING PATCHES. Though they can be told that they are no longer welcome to ride with a chapter.

12 - 18Wheels is not exclusive. An 18Wheels member may belong to another Association or Club.

13 - Attendance to any of our rides, gatherings or even regular meetings, may be encouraged by a Chapter President or other members, BUT IS NEVER MANDATORY.

14 - Annual RENEWAL dues are payable at http://www.18wheelsma.com/Join.html, before APRIL of each year (unless you are on a lifetime membership plan). ANY new or renewal dues collected in the months of DEC, JAN, FEB or MARCH, will be posted as paid for that year. (Example): if you pay for a new membership or renew your old membership on DEC 1, 2019 or FEB 6, 2019. Your membership will be posted as paid in full until MARCH 31st, of 2020.

15 - NAMING A CHAPTER. Naming your chapter is OK but creating a separate logo or design with your chapter's name on it apart from the 18Wheels family crest is not. Several clubs, such as the Boy Scouts of America, have DENS such as #478, while the American Legion has a POST. Although these Dens and Posts show individuality, they are recognized as one, being under the same symbol. Any 18Wheels group that chooses to NAME their chapter may create a logo or design but no words shall be on the patch. Any and ALL 18Wheels chapters will be called and referred to as 18Wheels (chapter name here). In short! The chapter name may not coexist with that chapters logo, in or around the same area, or appear to be in alignment with each other such as on each side of your cut directly across from each other or on the same shirt or patch. Either that chapters logo, OR the name of that chapter can be displayed, behind the club name (18WheelsMA)

16 - 18Wheels Motorcycle Association is exclusively for local and professional truck drivers. Because of the wide divide between the motorcycle world and law enforcement. We choose to NOT allow law enforcement to become members of 18WheelsMA. Their are law enforcement motorcycle groups that welcome law enforcement. 

17 - 18Wheels members WILL HAVE FUN!